Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Another New Host

I have succesfully (mostly) moved my site from my old host to the new one. The new one had a really good deal to take advantage of and I did. The new host is Site5 and I get quite the bang for my buck. The only thing I'm really struggling with right now is trying to get the old e-mail messages that were read exclusively on Squirrelmail. I thought it would be as simple as transferring a file over, but so far no luck.

In regards to work, Jim changed his mind yet again and I am going to be able to find a new job until my lease runs out. Then I think that they have plans to find a new Resident Manager. I'm excited and have been looking like crazy. I have completed the Real Estate Principles course, the first step necessary for getting your Real Estate Salesperson license. I now get to hurry up and wait for them to respond to me about my exam date. I want to try and get a job in a real estate office somewhere that will let me get my foot in the door. We'll see what happens. That's all for now.

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