Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bridal mayhem

I think that one of the most intimidating things I have ever done is buying a bridal gown. Well, I didn't actually buy it, my parents did... But anyway. It's a really scary thing! You want it to be absolutely perfect, and there are so many styles and options you can get. Formal, informal, white, diamond white, ivory, beaded, embroidered, sleeveless, strapless, A-line, princess, mermaid, corseted, petticoat, no petticoat, chapel train, cathedral train, with gloves, without gloves, with veil, without veil, blusher veil, two peice veil, chapel veil, cathedral veil, beaded veil, unbeaded veil, hair up, hair down, flowers, jewelry, tiara, no tiara, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And then there was the price.... but we won't dwell on things that are in the past and can't be changed. ;)

Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving in Review

Man I LOVE thanksgiving food. I thoroughly enjoyed the mashed potatoes and gravy (mmm...gravy), the stuffing, the turkey, the craberry sauce, the green stuff, the dolmas, the green bean casserole, the sweet potatoe pie, the pies (apple the good way, pumpkin, and not so much on the pecan), and most of all the time of sitting around with family. Granted this year the people I was around aren't quite family yet, officially. They just feel that way to me. So I had a good time.

I also got to talk with my mom and my other family over there in Arkansas. So that was good too. I think that next year Kim and I are going to go over to Arkansas for thanksgiving.

Ok that's all for now.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy T-day everybody!!! Make sure that you eat waaaay too much and enjoy the time off.

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Hope you have a good one!

Monday, November 22, 2004

The Monday after

It's monday, but it's not a bad one. The nice thing about today is that I'm actually going to get to stay home today, since I don't have choir practice. Speaking of choir, the performance saturday was awesome. Everyone sang great, we had a good time, and the audience was thoroughly entertained. Dad says that I really set the stage with my solo peice, which is probably true. He started out with dimming the lights until there was only a spotlight on the piano, and I walked in all by myself. I was terrified, but apparently it was the dramatic touch he was looking for. I sat down at the piano and just started playing, no introduction, no nothing. People slowly stopped talking, and after about 30 seconds I was on a roll and the audience was silent, just listening. Not bad, if I may say so. It's been a long time since I enjoyed manipulating an audience like that. I played Edvard Greig's piano solo called Butterfly. It's not a very difficult peice in technical terms, I learned it when I was 13, but it's breathtaking when played with the right amount of expression. I put a lot of feeling into it, and I like to take a few creative liberties in how I interpret some of the passages. It's really a beautiful piece. I had a lot of people come to me and congratulate me afterwards, and one man asked if I played professionally! Wow. If only they knew that I was shaking to pieces out of nervousness, and that I actually forgot part of it and skipped an entire section to cover it up. All in all, I had a good performance, and it's made me miss playing the piano the way I used to. I feel like I want to start practicing regularly again, maybe take a few lessons. But can I really find the time? I don't know. Will I make the time? We shall see....

Job for Life

Well I have been looking around for possible positions as a real estate agent and have been finding a myriad of opportunities. I have talked to several agents who are all working for different firms and have been able to get a good grasp on what I'm going to need ask about while I am interviewing, so we'll see how that goes. I have an interview today with one of the larger firms in the north county ReMax. I'm also going to be talking to a gentleman who works for Coldwell Banker and see if I can get another job interview there. So things are going quite well.

In other news, I have nice new flannel sheets on my bed because it has been really cold these last few nights and if I'm going to be going to the North County where it is even colder than I am going to need something like that. Flannel sheets are good.

Oh and Davidyo has said that he will be able to help us with at least a little bit of the construction that Kim and I are going to be doing to the apartment. I've already mentioned that Kim and I are going to be living in an apartment on her parents' property right?


Yes, I did. So yeah, that's going to be great and we're really excited about it. I think probably shortly after the holidays we're going to start cleaning the place up and see about getting ready for all the changes that we want to make to it. Yay!

That's all, except I also want to give a shoutout to Pam to "Feel Better" and to keep hoping that all her medical tests are going to pinpoint the exact problem and figure out how to make her better.

Song Playing: "Brown-eyed Girl"

Friday, November 19, 2004

Spam Commenting

For some reason unknown to myself I have been recieving quite the influx of comment spam. I have a lovely plug-in for Moveabletype called Moveable Type Blacklist which will allow me to filter out spammers by both IP address and domain and allow me to delete spam comments en mass. However, the persistence of these spammers is significant for I recieve new ones almost daily. This is quite annoying. I will NOT however, disable comments. I am a firm believer that comments are an integral part of any blog. I will consider upgrading to MT3 though, as Sean did. His method of loggin in, though sometimes strenuous in that it doesn't work properly, does make a more selective form of commenting.

Speaking of Sean I congratulate him, though somewhat late, on the official "titling" of himself and Sarah. You two are a great match.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Insert Random Topic Here



I have no @#%&ING clue what you want me to say about peanut butter candy.

It's candy.

It's peanut butter-y.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

In Response to Kim's Post

This post is somewhat of a serious post and may come as surprising to some of you so only read on if you want to.

I have been attending church my entire life. I was in fact, quite involved at my church in Oregon before I moved to California. After moving to California however, I never found a church that I enjoyed very much and I just kind of stopped looking, so I didn't attend church anymore. There has also been something else that kept me from looking for another church and that is my faith. I have for as long as I can remember had burning questions inside me and views that are quite contrary to what all the churches I've ever attended taught. I whole-heartedly and openly believe in God and believe that He is good, which is why I can still attend church and feel like I'm part of it. I don't believe everything that the church has to offer and that is partially because of the origins of a lot of the traditions and the fact that organized religion is run too much like a business. Anyway, I'm not going to go into depth about my religous convictions and beliefs right now maybe some other time. I was just giving some background.

This new church that Kim and I have been attending is very, very much like the church that I was attending in Oregon and I'm really enjoying attending there because it's familiar, the people are nice, and I can picture having a family at a church like this. Every single church that I have gone to here in SLO I have not felt like I could have a family there and I didn't really have much fun it was mostly just a show and strengthened my dislike for organized relgion. I will admit there is a lot of good preachin going on at some of these churches, especially my friend Joe's church, Shoreline Christian, or something like that. That preacher can preach. I highly reccomend going to at least one of his sermons just to listen.

So I just wanted to explain that, though I have seemed somewhat agnostic towards church to some of you people who read this blog, that has not ever been the case. I just had not found a church that I felt like I could be an active part of or would enjoy attending every Sunday. That's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Church is one of those subjects I usually like to steer away from. Mostly because I've noticed that whenever people hear that I'm "religious", they either look at me askance and start sidling away slowly, or they try to goad me into a debate over religion, faith, the meaning of life, moral issues, etc. etc. etc.... neither of which I care for much. But most people who know me well know that my faith is very important to me. Not religion, mind you, just faith. I have never defined myself as a "religious" person. But I'm not going to go into that right now. I'm too tired, and at the moment I really don't care to get into that discussion again.

For a long time now I've been feeling like I'm drifting spiritually. It's a feeling that's inside me, and kind of nagging away all the time. I have this deep sense that I want to find a place where I belong, maybe what I've heard some people call a "church family". I have plenty of family already, but it would be nice to have a group of people that I know and see often that understand where I'm coming from, who don't look at me like I'm from another planet if I say the five-letter "F" word. I've tried a lot of churches in the area, and never really felt completely comfortable with any of them. But lately I've been attending the United Methodist church in A-town with Myles. I was surprised at how friendly all the people there were. They have been very welcoming to us. We went the first sunday just out of curiosity, because we were planning on being married there and we wanted to see what the church looked like. But everyone was so nice, we just kept coming back, and now it's been over a month. I'm starting to think that this is going to be the place where we settle down for awhile. I know Myles likes it, and I'm starting to like it too. This church is certainly different than what I'm used to, but not in any bad ways. So we'll see what happens. The only thing I'm worried about is that if I become a member, they're gonna want to baptize me. That's a definite issue with me. I've never been dunked, and I wasn't planning on it anytime soon, for reasons of my own. So we'll see what happens. But so far, so good, right? I'll post more on that some other time, maybe. For now, I'm going to get some sleep. I've got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I have now updated both my laptop and my desktop to Fedora Core 3 Coolness.

In other news I have cleaned my room and finally installed shelves that had been sitting in the room for a long time. That's all for now, maybe more later.


For anyone who doesn't know, I am a member of The Master's Chorale. It is a community christian choir that sings music of all styles, everything from southern gospel to latin classical music. We are definitely not your typical church choir, seeing as how 1) we're actually good, and 2) our music is interesting to listen to whether you're religious or not. The group is over a year old and is making quite a name for itself out there in the community. I highly recommend you come to our next concert, which happens to be this Saturday at 3:00. (Not to put a shameless advertisement for our choir in my blog, or anything.) But it's at 3:00 at the ABC church in Atascadero, and its FREE! Come and listen to us, its gonna be a really good concert, and I'll be playing a piano solo my dad roped me into. It's gonna be fun. Here's the link to our website:


Have fun!


Sometimes I think I should start calling my dad Mr. Mallett. Not that anyone reading this would understand the humor in that. Chris Mallett was a funny guy. He was the director of a band I used to play in way back when, and he had the most annoying habit of counting up to the first note of the song, and as we all took a deep breath to begin playing, he'd suddenly stop and ask some silly question. Usually he'd ask some poor random soul if they had a date to the candlelight dance yet. And the thing was, if you anticipated that he really wasn't going to actually start the song and didn't take that deep breath, he'd get on your case for not breathing! *sigh* Those were good times. My dad does that at choir practice, too.

So my parents are really cool, they're going to let Myles and I live in the barn after we get married. The even cooler part is that they're going to let us live there rent-free. Sweet! That means we can save up money to be able to buy a house sooner. But I am really happy they're going to let us move in there. It needs a lot of work, but we're up to it! I'm releived that my family also understands that this is where Myles and I will be living, and that they need to give us our privacy. First thing I want to do after we move in is change the locks... ;)

Monday, November 15, 2004


Work is going well. Very well. They started setting me loose and letting me work mostly unsupervised about two weeks ago, and oh MAN did I make a lot of mistakes! It was pretty bad for a while there, but the time I spent going back and fixing all those mistakes taught me more than I would have learned if someone had just told me how to do it. And I'm doing much better now. I'm still making a few mistakes, but it's all fixable. So I'm learning a lot.

Last week my manager dropped several not-so-subtle hints that they (meaning she and my boss) were very happy with my performance so far. That's even after all those mistakes I made! She hinted that they were planning on decreasing my probation period by a month and giving me permanent-employee status on Dec. 1st. Basically, all that means is I get a key to the office. But hey, it means they mean to keep me around for a while! And today my manager told me that they were willing to enroll me in the state board certification exam coming up in May. She said that taking and passing the exam would most likely involve a pay raise, as well. I love this place!

So, long story short, I've landed myself a fabulous job with a great company. I'm not planning on going anywhere for a good long while!

My Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful tasks I have ever encountered. I don't know what I'd do without my mom helping me. The other day I saw her "wedding binder". It literally had everything in there, down to the last email I had sent her about bridesmaids dresses. She had sections under Ceremony, Reception, Food, Dresses, Music, Photography, everything! I was amazed. But I am pleased to say that we ARE making good progress- we have a date, a place, a time, a dress, and we've just put the deposit on the cake!

One thing that I have tried very hard to do is to avoid talking about my engagement and future wedding plans incessantly to all my friends. I hate it when engaged couples do that to other people, and I promised myself I wouldn't do that. So if anyone out there in I-like-to-read-Kim's-blog land wants to hear more details, leave a comment! I'd be more than happy to satisfy your curiosity.


Myles is wonderful. What more can I say?

Sunday, November 14, 2004

New Monitor

Well yesterday I went out with Davidyo garage saling and found a yard sale that had a 19" NEC monitor that looked in pretty good shape for 15 bucks. I was happy with it, so I bought it. It's nice.

Other than that, Kim and I went cake testing and put a deposit down at the cake place in Atascadero called "Cassie's" Apparently a really good place because she has one several awards and the cake was really good. Exciting. Also the wedding is going to be at 4:00PM on the 16th of July 2005, with a reception to follow at Kim's parents' house. Kim and I are going to live in an apartment on her parents' property while we're just starting out. It'll be nice and we're starting to fix it up a bit now. So that'll be nice. I'm also getting ready to start my real estate career. Exciting times. That's all for now.

UPDATE: It's actually a 21" monitor. Not 19".

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I'm Back

I heard a rumor that there are actually people out there who are interested in reading my blog. Even more shocking, they noticed that I stopped blogging and told me that I should write more!!!


I'm touched :)

So where did I leave off? Hmm..... Myles is wonderful, new job, hot date where Myles asked me to marry him, new job being annoying.... I didn't give you much info, did I? I don't have time to go into juicy details right now, because I only have 9 minutes left in my lunch break, but I promise to make an extra effort very soon. Here's the topics I'd like to discuss-

1. Myles
2. My upcoming marriage
3. Work
4. Family
5. Choir
6. Church
7. (Insert Random Topic Here)

Those are the things that my life is pretty much made up of right now. There have been a lot of things going on, which is why I've been too busy to blog. But I'll get to it. I promise. But for right now, I need to get back to billing insurance companies and ordering lab jobs. I just hope things don't get too crazy again this afternoon, seeing as how Dr. Oelker will be in the office. But more on that later.

Sha lala la lala la....

Monday, November 08, 2004

Make this Make sense

I changed my address information online today at Geico.com for my auto insurance, because I realized that I hadn't done that yet. So I get a lovely email response telling me this.

Your new six-month premium is $393.70.
This is an increase of $10.30 per six months.
This amount is prorated from today's date to the end of the policy period.
Your prorated increase will be $9.30.

How does changing my address from apt 80 to apt 82 increase my rate by 10.30 per 6 months? I don't understand...

Monday, November 01, 2004

That was fast

So I got my date for the Real Estate exam. I'm going to be taking it on the 21st of December, that's right TUESDAY the 21st. So I have to get my butt over to Fresno on a Tues, but wait there's more. It's at 7:45 AM on Tues so I have to get my butt over there the night before. Luckily, I have some wonderful friends over there in Fresno that are going to be more than willing to put me up. So yeah, awesome. I'm stoked. I also have an interview on Monday with a real estate broker looking for agents at a small firm in Atascadero. Sounds absolutely perfect. So we'll see where that goes. That's it, bye.