Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Sometimes I think I should start calling my dad Mr. Mallett. Not that anyone reading this would understand the humor in that. Chris Mallett was a funny guy. He was the director of a band I used to play in way back when, and he had the most annoying habit of counting up to the first note of the song, and as we all took a deep breath to begin playing, he'd suddenly stop and ask some silly question. Usually he'd ask some poor random soul if they had a date to the candlelight dance yet. And the thing was, if you anticipated that he really wasn't going to actually start the song and didn't take that deep breath, he'd get on your case for not breathing! *sigh* Those were good times. My dad does that at choir practice, too.

So my parents are really cool, they're going to let Myles and I live in the barn after we get married. The even cooler part is that they're going to let us live there rent-free. Sweet! That means we can save up money to be able to buy a house sooner. But I am really happy they're going to let us move in there. It needs a lot of work, but we're up to it! I'm releived that my family also understands that this is where Myles and I will be living, and that they need to give us our privacy. First thing I want to do after we move in is change the locks... ;)


Myles said...

You still didn't talk about peanut butter candy.

Kim said...

You don't even LIKE peanut butter!!