Friday, November 19, 2004

Spam Commenting

For some reason unknown to myself I have been recieving quite the influx of comment spam. I have a lovely plug-in for Moveabletype called Moveable Type Blacklist which will allow me to filter out spammers by both IP address and domain and allow me to delete spam comments en mass. However, the persistence of these spammers is significant for I recieve new ones almost daily. This is quite annoying. I will NOT however, disable comments. I am a firm believer that comments are an integral part of any blog. I will consider upgrading to MT3 though, as Sean did. His method of loggin in, though sometimes strenuous in that it doesn't work properly, does make a more selective form of commenting.

Speaking of Sean I congratulate him, though somewhat late, on the official "titling" of himself and Sarah. You two are a great match.

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