Monday, November 15, 2004


Work is going well. Very well. They started setting me loose and letting me work mostly unsupervised about two weeks ago, and oh MAN did I make a lot of mistakes! It was pretty bad for a while there, but the time I spent going back and fixing all those mistakes taught me more than I would have learned if someone had just told me how to do it. And I'm doing much better now. I'm still making a few mistakes, but it's all fixable. So I'm learning a lot.

Last week my manager dropped several not-so-subtle hints that they (meaning she and my boss) were very happy with my performance so far. That's even after all those mistakes I made! She hinted that they were planning on decreasing my probation period by a month and giving me permanent-employee status on Dec. 1st. Basically, all that means is I get a key to the office. But hey, it means they mean to keep me around for a while! And today my manager told me that they were willing to enroll me in the state board certification exam coming up in May. She said that taking and passing the exam would most likely involve a pay raise, as well. I love this place!

So, long story short, I've landed myself a fabulous job with a great company. I'm not planning on going anywhere for a good long while!


Myles said...

Don't you also get all the perks of the job like free eye exams for immediate family and at cost lenses and frames?

Kim said...

Yes, those too!