Monday, December 13, 2004

It worked

So for the past two weeks, maybe even a little less. Sean and I have been conspiring to get Paul a Kitchenaid stand mixer. This baby can cost upwards of $350 bucks for this model. So instead of Sean and I paying almost 200 bucks a piece, I contacted all the people that know Paul and got donations from them. About 20 people later we made our quota with people donating anywhere from 5-25 bucks per person.

Last night we presented it to him and he loved it. A lot of the people that helped to make the purchase showed up to see what his reaction would be. It was very cool.

Sean and I also pitched in to get David and new toolbox for his myriad of tools stored haphazardly in a leather satchel. Sean also got me the Aladdin DVD and David and I pitched in a long time ago to get Sean a very nice coffee maker. This coffee maker was user this morning and I have to say that the coffee is far superior to that of the formerly used french press, IMHO. The fact that it was Kona coffee helped too.

There is now 8 days until I take my Real Estate Licensing exam. I really need to do well on this so that I can get started on my future career. The other pressing dilema is to figure out exactly which broker firm I want to go work for. I think I have mostly made up my mind on going to work at Realty One in Atascadero. This does mean however that I won't be able to live off of the money that I have saved up as would have happened had I worked at ReMax.

Kim and I have been discussing what we are going to do about the car situation. We are definitely going to be selling her Thunderbird once we get it to a condtion that is working. Right now it is shaking really, really badly the moment you start the car and doesn't stop. I think maybe it is something to do with the spark plugs, but we'll see tomorrow when I take it into the shop.

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Sean said...

Formerly used? Ha. I will still be French-pressing, too. Btw, it wasn't Kona Coffee, it was Peet's Holiday Blend. :P