Thursday, December 23, 2004

Massive Update

First of all, I deleted 140 spammer comments yesterday. LAME!

Now on to the good stuff. This past weekend Kim and I went to Sherman Oaks to visit my grandparents. It was a most relaxing trip. Unfortunately my grandma was pretty much laid out, she had knee surgery that Tuesday and so was still recuperating from that, but she was able to chat with us, so it was nice. They have a lot going on right now, selling their old studio, buying a new one, and filing lawsuit against a previous potential buyer. Lots of fun.

I don't think that I mentioned this earlier, but Kim's car had been acting up and we took it into Continental Motor Works here in town. WORD OF WARNING!!! These guys will rip you off if possible. When we brought Kim's car in they said that they'll run a diagnostic and call me with what's wrong. 4 hours later they called and told me that the spark plugs needed replacing and that the PC valve needed replacing. Grand total for that work parts and labor.....$500! Ridiculous I said. So he told me it was fine to come pick it up. It would only be $190 for the diagnostic. Freaking ridiculous. So I went with my grandpa and picked up a spark plug set, and Davidyo and I replaced the spark plugs ourselves, for about $60 dollars and an hour of time. So it works now and everything is good, but now my Volvo is acting up. It's never ending cycle. I've got it going into the Volvo dealer on Monday for a diagnostic that was only 5 dollars more than the cheapest place I found and I have reccomendations that this guy is good. So yeah, we'll see what the problem is.

So speaking of these cars, I spent probably 5 hours or so after the Continental Motor Works fiasco reading about how cars work on Great, great site if you want to know about something from the basic level up. I now understand basically how cars work and am starting to recognize things inside the engine and under the car. Which reminds me, my grandpa got me a 2 ton floor jack and two jack stands. Woot!

In other news, I took my real estate licensing exam on Tues and found out this morning that I PASSED!!!! WOOHOO!!!! I don't have to take it again. Now I just have to take the classes associated with that, get and pay for the actual license, and find a broker to work for. Woot bang.

I think that's all for now, but yeah AWESOMENESS, I'm done with my test!!!!

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