Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Dr. Celebrity

In case the whole world doesn't know by now, one of our local doctors had his 15 minutes of fame this last weekend. He managed to drive his car into a river and had to be rescued by being pulled in with a rope. It was on national news and everything. The wierd thing is, I know him. He works in the opthalmology group that shares our office. Everyone's been chuckling it up, of course only after we knew he was safe and unhurt. A lot of the comments have been going something like this-

Coworker: "Gosh, doctor! That was some rescue. How are you doing?"

Doctor: "Fine, I'm okay."

Coworker: ".... nice legs. Wish I could have seen the part they blurred out!"

Is that S. harrasment or what? Sometimes I wonder about the people I work with...

: -/

1 comment:

Ellen said...

Ha! You think that is bad, you should her some of the stuff that goes on my office. Explicit!!