Monday, January 10, 2005

girl stuff

Yesterday I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Well, nothing all that important. But I spent the whole day having fun and not doing things that I really had to do. Just stuff I wanted to do. I had lots of fun going to Woodstocks with a big group of friends for lunch and then I went with the girls over to Fanny Wrappers. All I can say about that is, yikes. I've never bought lingerie before, so the whole process is rather intimidating. Do guys really like that stuff? Because I look at most of it and think it's pretty ridiculous. The gal who helped me showed me this one getup (which shall remain undescribed, seeing as how I may purchase it for a certain wedding of mine...) that she said "drove the guys wild". Hmmmmm.... I thought it looked... okay. Well. I don't know. I'd certainly never choose it because I personally found it sexy. That drives guys wild? Well, I've only got one guy on my mind as far as that goes, so that's all that matters to me. ;)

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Lyle said...

Take it from a man with experience in the lingerie business: I have no idea.

I've never understood the whole frilly expensive thing. Especially if it's something that is going to end up on the floor anyway... I mean it has to! The stuff isn't even machine washable!