Monday, May 02, 2005

Going along smoothly

So we spent this last weekend working on both invitations and the barn and made significant progress I think. The invitations are to the point that we just need to address them and the barn has two completed windows as well as 3 mostly completed windows. Much thanks to Davidyo and Sean for their efforts in helping the barn progress towards finishedom.

The other night sucked. The Volvo was towed because it was parked in the fire lane. I forgot to move it so it was really my own fault, but 165 bucks to get it back out. Plus, it was not fun trying to get it back either because the office had to send a driver out to the lot and they weren't calling me back and I had to pick up Kim from work at the same time they wanted to meet. Not fun.

It was a beautiful day on Sunday and Kim and I had our second session of marriage counseling with Pastor Cherie. Pretty uneventful stuff that marriage counseling though fun to talk with the Pastor. She is basically making sure we're sure that we want to get married. Apparently the real counseling comes in after the marriage.

More later.

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