Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ho Hum, feelin' dumb...

I did something dumb today. But I'm too embarrased to talk about it. If I don't come back later and delete this it will be a wonder...

I'm starting to wonder about some of the people I help here at work. Take, for example, Mr. Can't Please Me and Mrs. How Much

The tale of Mr. Can't Please Me

Mr. C- I bought these glasses 3 months ago, and I want my money back.

Lowly Optician- What's wrong with them, sir?

Mr. C- They don't get dark in the car.

Lowly Optician- That's because the lenses are activated by UV, and UV can't get through the windshield.

Mr. C- My last pair got dark...

Lowly Optician- Your last pair was made out of glass, sir. You decided to buy these because they were made of plastic and wouldn't be as heavy.

Mr. C- Well, I don't like them anymore.

Lowly Optician- I'm sorry you don't like them, Mr. C. I can re-make the lenses for you in the glass material that you do like, at no charge to you.

Mr. C- Then they'd be just like my last pair.

Lowly Optician- Yes, they would be. They would be the same material.

Mr. C- I don't want them to be the same as my last pair.

-awkward pause-

Lowly Optician- Well, sir, if you don't want them to be made in plastic, and don't want the glass material you liked from before, would you like me to make them into just clear glasses?

Mr. C- No.

Lowly Optician- Then maybe you'd like them to be made into dark glasses, they would be a very nice pair of sunglasses....?

Mr. C- No.

Lowly Optician- Mr. C., you bought these glasses and they are yours now. No one else can use them, because they were specifically made to your prescription. If you don't like them the way they are, and none of my suggestions are acceptable, what would you like me to do?

Mr. C- I don't know.

-more awkward silence-

The tale of Mrs. How Much

Mrs. H- May I try on that pair of glasses?

Lowly Optician- Certainly, here you are. What do you think?

Mrs. H- Oh, they are lighter than what I'm looking for.

Lowly Optician- Lighter... you mean the color is too light?

Mrs. H- No, I want something that's heavier on my nose than this.

-awkward silence-

Mrs. H- How much are the glasses in your office?

Lowly Optician- Most of the frames we have average about $150, some are more expensive at around $200, and some are less expensive at around $100.

Mrs. H- oh... that's not really what I was looking for...

Lowly Optician- Were you looking for something more affordable?

Mrs. H- Oh no, I'm looking for something more expensive than that.

I swear. These people are crazy!

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