Thursday, June 23, 2005

Interesting Quote

"like a moth to a flame, Democrats can't help themselves when it comes to denigrating and demonizing Christians."

-Rep. John N. Hostettler (R)

On first reading this quote, I said "hear, hear," but then I read some more articles and thought about it. Granted this quote encompasses my feelings, but it really is not beneficial to our country. Yes, Democrats and Republicans should have different views, that makes us stronger by looking at more than one side, but bickering back and forth does nothing but make us look pathetic. I'm not saying that either side is right for their views, I'm just saying both sides need to focus more on bettering the country and less on "he said, she said." Especially when it comes to nitpicking about the seperation of church and state.

On another note, I have three deals in escrow right now and I should be getting my first paycheck next week. Yay!


Sean said...

Democrats nor any other political party denigrate nor demonize Christians. If you hold such a feeling, you are guilty of knee-jerk reactionary thinking. You lack the social forethought to recognize that Christians (the by far and away majority) party are not oppressed, denigrated, nor even discriminated against. You must draw a line between religion and politics - that's the issue frequently in question. Quite often in the delibrative nature of our legislatures deliberate issues in a broader religious context; refusing to do so as a matter of equal protection and religious freedom is not a "demonization" nor "denigration" as Rep Hostettler so moronically put it (he later had his remarks stricken from the record). Furthermore, there is no such thing as "nitpicking" between church and state. They are separate entities and they should be. Religion should have no effect on politics and history says so. The result at the extreme end is the Taliban and the Inquisition, and at the light end Saudi Arabia and Iran. A conscious effort must be taken to prevent Church policies from overly influencing politics, and efforts towards this end need to be recognized for what they are. Don't fall into the rhetoric trap. Christians aren't demons nor do they need denigration. By and large, Christians represent the moderate base of this nation. It's the far right (and far religious right) that needs to be snapped back.

Myles said...

Sean, you obviously didn't take the time to read what I wrote. You say I'm "guilty of knee-jerk reactionary thinking" yet I say in my own entry I thought about it and came to a different conclusion. You say I "lack the social forethought," but I'm making the argument that Hostettler was dumb to have made the comment and anyone else that talks like that or the opposite of him. When I say that quote encompasses my feelings I mean exactly that, my feelings, not my logical thinking.

As far as "nitpicking" is concerned. We've already had that discussion, and there is, mostly definitely, nitpicking concerning seperation of church and state. The ACLU's lawsuit against LA County would be a prime example. Or the ACLU's attack on Virginia for requiring a moment of silence. Granted neither of those points reflect nitpicking within the legislative branch, they are two shining examples of a laundry list of others.

Kim said...

You guys need a new hobby... }:P