Friday, February 24, 2006

Did I mention?

I'm enrolled in Cuesta College this semester. I am only lacking about five classes to achieve an associates degree in Computer Science. I'm taking 12 units right now. 4 units in a series of classes that ultimately will end up with me being a Cisco Certified Network Associate. Not really worth much, and the classes are cake, but it would be some nice frill for a resume. I'm taking two other computer classes, one in C programming (*yawn) and one on Data Structures and Problem Solving (very interesting).

The final class that I am taking is, Multicutlural Health (ugh). This course reminds me of the Social Studies courses I took in Jr. High. Granted the material is up to at least High School level, the teaching style and the questions asked are ridiculous. I have forced myself to get through the homework and so far have been doing very well (I'm missing 3 points out of 98). I just have another 13 weeks to go! (I hate the semester system)

Other than that things are going well. I'm walking without the aid of a boot and I am seeing more and more progress each day. That's all for now.

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