Thursday, March 30, 2006

Worst Service Ever

So the other night (Monday) David, Ellen, and I went to Spike's for dinner. Normally we are a Huuuuuge fans of Spike's and I would say that we still are, but Monday night was awful. We all arrived at about 7:00 PM and ordered pretty much immediately and beer came promptly. Food however, was not so forthcoming. At about 8:00 we inquired why our food had not presented itself, and are waiter, Steve, the owner of Spike's, had neglected to put the order into the Kitchen.

That was supposedly done promptly yet, we did not fully recieve our food until 9:15. Well we are regulars at Spike's and fully expected some small token of apology from Steve such as a free round of drinks or maybe even some bill compensation. Instead we had to total the bill ourselves and pay for it fully. No tip was left and we got out of there very disgruntled. We'll still go back, but I had to rant and now I am done.

Smile and be Happy!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So I can't believe I didn't mention it.  The weekend before last we had snow here!  It was crazy.  I got some really nice pictures though that you can check out in my gallery.   Garrett made snow balls and everything it was crazy weird.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Mozilla Thunderbird feature

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am taking a few Computer Science courses at Cuesta College. For these courses it is necessary to email source code to the instructor as part of turning in assignments.

I switched to using Mozilla Thunderbird several months ago and have been very satisfied with it. However, upon submitting a few of the above mentioned assignments my instructor told me that I needed to get a different account or "credit will prove elusive." That is when I discovered one "feature" of Thunderbird that is particularly annoying and a little tedious to turn off.

After thoroughly going over all the GUI options in Thunderbird 1.0.7 I began Googleing for the answer. I found this as the fruits of my labor managed eventually to turn of the "feature." What is the "feature" I keep mentioning? Sending out emails with attachments Thunderbird graciously place all plain text attachements in the body of the email for you. So when multiple source code files are sent, all files are displayed in a row as the message of the email.

Now you too can turn this "feature" off and continue to use Thunderbird quite happily.