Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Software Developer

While attending the classes at Cuesta that I have mentioned, some of the students informed the class that their places of work were hiring. After waiting some weeks, I now work part-time for CDM Technologies as a software developer. I'm working mostly with PHP but with some other stuff as well. It is quite exciting and will be great Resume fodder.

In other news, Kim and I traveled to San Jose this past weekend and spent some time viewing the Winchester Mystery House. After which we stopped by the Northridge Mall, which was highly unimpressive, but fun all the same. All in all it was a most pleasant trip that we both enjoyed quite a bit. It would be a lot of fun to visit the Winchester house if you're planning on building your own home, just because there is such a variety unique designs in the home. It would maybe provoke some good ideas for your own building.


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