Monday, August 07, 2006

First Day Biking to work

I have had my first adventure of many while biking to work this morning.

Bike Route - First Day - Large The link to the left is the map of my route to help clarify the story.
I started off by deciding not to go the same route that I had gone on Sunday and managed to get myself heading north, thinking I was heading east. Then I followed a really nice bike path that I knew was going kind of the wrong direction, but a lot further in the wrong direction than I thought. Then I was sure how far I was and backtracked to get to familiar terriorty. All-in-all this morning I biked approximately 11.6 miles in slightly under an hour. This evening on my way back, I biked approximately 6.4 miles in about 30 mins.

It was a good ride all the same though. I'm looking forward to doing it daily. I also am happy with the fact that I have new slick tires on my bike, which has made riding on the road much less of a chore. Now I've got to make sure I stick with the biking long enough though to justify the addtional $110 I spent (Tubes, tires, bike pump, and labor) on my already expensive bike.

Anyway, biking is fun and good. You should all do it. Over and out.

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