Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

So it's christmas time again and Kim and I have been traveling all over the state of CA. Well, just to the Templeton and then down to Sherman Oaks, but it sure seems like a lot. The best part is that we have to leave tonight (christmas) so that I can get back for work tomorrow. Yay, for being in the real world, but I think we'll survive.

A lot of things are poised for change right now. I'm going to be starting school in January, Kim and I are preparing to move to Clovis, and Kim is going to be able to get me free coffee every day! (She going to work part time as a Barista with a company called Caffe e via). Sean is giving us a real "I told you so" for moving to Clovis now instead of originally, but at the same time appears to be benefitting from the fact that we're looking around at apartments and getting information.

We have a new addition to our group dinners and games that have been going on at our place. Previously Sean and David had graced us with their presence consistently and now we have Sean, David, and Charlotte. She makes some really good brownies and is quite the nutsy player, so she has been a welcome addition to the group festivities.

On another note of holiday cheer, Sir Cheese Meister Lyle is visiting briefly from Benin and Kim and I were able to have a coffee with him. He seems quite worldly nowadays and gave Kim and I the itch to travel. Hopefully, the upcoming Ireland trip will give that a small satiation while I finish schooling.

That's all for now. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good morning!

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