Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

So 2006 has finally passed.  It managed to usher in a lot of changes that were mostly for the better. 2007 promises to be equally exciting.  Here are a few highlights for 2006.

  • Moved to Fresno is a big one

  • Kim and I are now living on our own, which is wonderful

  • I left real estate, got a job developing software, and am returning to school

  • I met my Sister Julie for the first time ever

  • Kim and I celebrated our first anniversary

Obviously much more than that has happened, but that's a good little highlight.  Onwards to 2007 some things looking to look forward to.

  • Eradication of our debt

  • A trip to Ireland (my first time off the continent)

  • I intend to lose 30 lbs

  • Kim will leave the field of opticianary

  • Possibly buying a house

  • Moving to Clovis

  • Making more money

  • Possibly getting a puppy dog

These are by no means resolutions, rather potential accomplishments.  If I were asked to come up with a resolution it would be to more diligently rise at the hour announced by my alarm clock, prior to multiple snoozes.

So, another holiday, another post completed.  Welcome to 2007 all.

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