Monday, February 19, 2007

Operation Move: Succesful.

So Kim and I made it to Lakeridge Apartments in one piece.  The week of the move was a bit on the hectic side though.  There is a client at work that was having all kinds of emergencies so I ended up pulling 79 hours for that entire week, 8 of which happened to be right in the middle of the move.  It's a good thing that we hired movers to do the hard work, but still major kudos go out to David and Sean for their help (yet again) getting us moved into the new place.

On another note, I have reached the 6 month mark at my job and so my benefits have started to quick in.  Today is my first ever paid holiday, woot!  I am also going to start getting some health benefits and most likely a raise in the next month or so.

Other than that we are just getting settled and enjoying the new place.


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