Friday, August 01, 2008

It's Mountain Time!!

Well, because Myles is busy and I have time, I am here to give everyone a LONG OVERDUE update on our doings. We had a very long and tiring move - total of 31 hours actually traveling in the vehicles, not including time spent stopped to eat, fill up with gas, and sleep. The trip started at about 6:30 on Wednesday morning, and we arrived on Friday around 1:00. Talk about exhausting! Here's the overview from beginning to end:

Loading the truck. This went better than I expected, though it wasn't without minor snags. Big thanks to Melody, who came by on Monday and helped me with the packing. She pretty much packed my entire kitchen by herself while I worked on other things... and I really appreciate that because I hate packing breakables like cups... it takes way too long.

Then on Tuesday Mom, Michael and Garrett drove out from Templeton and helped us load things up... Mom was awesome and kept everything moving while we all lifted, carried and loaded. She even cleaned things up and vacuumed for me, so by the time everything was in the truck, the apartment was clean, too! Thanks, Mom! Michael helped Myles load a lot of the heavy stuff, which was great because I wouldn't have been able to help him... I just didn't have the strength So big thanks to Michael for making the trip out, we couldn't have done it without you! Garrett was in charge of the smaller items and packed up boxes in the living room, and I also enjoyed sitting next to him at dinner when everything was done. It was good to see you, little bro. :)

David and Tracie came by later in the day, and not a second too soon, because we were all getting really tired and had encountered a small issue - the truck was full and we still had stuff to pack! Minor problem. But David is really a Tetris Master in disguise, because he did what I thought couldn't be done... he pulled some things out and repacked some things here and there, and somehow, amazingly... got everything into the truck! Awesome. Tracie helped with the Tetris-mastery and the last-minute packing and carrying, and slowly we were able to get... everything... finally... out of the house and into the truck! It was such a strange feeling when the door closed... we had finally completed a very monumental task, and we did it together. Then a fun dinner and some tearful goodbyes... it was hard to see everyone go. Love you all, and thank you!

The 1200-mile drive. As mentioned before, this took a while. Myles drove the truck with the Volvo on a trailer, and I drove the Honda behind. After a little effort where we had to re-pack the Volvo in order to fit 2 disassembled bicycles that didn't make it into the truck, we left on Wednesday at 6:30 with one of the nicest sunrises I've seen (at least in the Central Valley) coming up over Fresno. A quick stop for coffee at Dutch Brothers and we were off! It wasn't very long before we realized that the truck/trailer combination was very unstable. U-Haul wasn't kidding when they told us the speed limit was 45 mph. Myles got onto the freeway and at about 60 the trailer started rocking back and forth in a menacing way. Then he hit 65 and it began to shake harder - the trailer was physically pulling the back of the U-Haul, and instead of balancing they were actually working against each other. It reminded me of the Galloping Gertie bridge collapse. Very scary. Myles got the truck back under control, but wasn't able to drive it much faster than 50 mph without danger. So slowly it was!

We drove east through CA and then took the I-15 northeast up to Las Vegas. It was a mind-numbing drive through the desert... nothing to see out there. Then we hit traffic on I-15... some accident had us at practically a standstill for hours. We had some hand radios with us, and used those to chat with each other. I wonder if anyone else was on the channel listening? I also chatted a bit on the phone and text-messaged with people... it kept me going. By the time we got to Las Vegas I was exhausted, and the traffic was stop-and-go again through town, so we decided to just stop. We got a room at the Holiday Inn and went out for some dinner. We drove down the strip for fun... wow! But we didn't so any sight-seeing... too tired.

Next morning it was a quick stop for breakfast and coffee and then we were off again! We drove briefly through Arizona and then into Utah, up the I-15 to the I-70 East. What a beautiful drive! The red rocks were gorgeous. One of the only times we stopped. Unfortunately, this was also when our picture-taking stopped... we had been taking pictures like mad and the battery ran down. We realized too late that we had forgotten to leave out the battery charger for the camera... so we took pictures of red rocks until the camera could go no more. We continued all the way through Utah and into Grand Junction, Colorado where we stayed for one more night.

The last leg of our trip took us up over the mountains through Vail Pass. How gorgeous, how gorgeous!! I spent more time looking around me then I did looking at the road! The altitude at the peak of the pass was over 10,000 feet and I could feel it. The air felt thin and I felt like I wasn't getting enough air. The mountains were beautiful, and there were these beautiful little towns just dotted throughout the passes, and many ski parks. I can't wait until this winter, when I can go skiing! We drove along the Colorado River for a while, which was beautiful and had signs warning of Bighorn sheep crossing. There were no sheep to be seen, but we did see people rafting down the river and a hang glider flying down from one of the mountain-tops. Very neat!

By this time we were very tired, and still moving slowly. My stamina and patience was reaching its end. But it got better as we came into Denver, because I knew we were almost there. A brief and frustrating bit of traffic slowed us down outside of Denver, then finally we headed north and made it to Fort Collins. Boy was I happy to arrive!

Home sweet home. We arrived at around 1:00 and Sean came to help us unpack. I met our neighbor and her dog, and she was very relieved to find out that I was moving in with my husband and not a bunch of roommates. The unpacking went very well... I carried the light stuff and Sean and Myles carried the heavy stuff. I was very glad Sean was there, because I would not have been able to handle the heavy stuff with Myles. Thanks, Sean! It only took a few hours, and after we were done we went to Oldtown for some much needed dinner and relaxation.

I think that overall, the trip went very well. I know that we've promised pictures to everybody, but that darn charger still hasn't shown up. Myles is working and I'm at home unpacking. I know that it will turn up soon, and then we'll have pics for everyone to see! I know this was a long post, but I wanted give everyone the details. I'll let Myles have the blog back for a while, and if he doesn't post again, I'll write more.